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Logo Design and Branding

 Why are logos Important?

 applesYour company logo is the main branding feature of your business. Its important to make sure your logo represents who you are and what you do properly. A key part of developing a unique brand, is to come up with a custom logo design. Not only does a unique respectable logo help your business really stand out,
it also helps your customers and prospects build a positive first impression. It shows the world your business is professional, genuine, and credible.

Already have a logo?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  •  Does it represent what you do effectively?
  •  Can your customers relate to it?
  •  Does it stand out from the competition?
  •  Are the colours you used appropriate?
  •  Does it look modern?

If you do not have a logo, perhaps this is the best place to start. SayahNET specizlizes in custom logo design which will reflect your company values, products, services, and mission.

Our Custom Logo Design Process:

1) We first understand your business and the products and services you provide. We also try to understand what makes your business different from the competition, and your company values. These questions will help us add 'emotion' into your logo to give it life.

2) Next, we look at your target market and do some research to find your competitors to make sure your logo will be unique and will stand out from the rest.

3) Then our creative designers create several unique mock-ups of your logo for your viewing pleasure. Here you will be asked to give us feedback about what you like. If something is not working, we will be happy to modify as per your request.

4) Upon selecting one concept, we will polish and finalize the logo and provide the logo files which can be used anywhere at any resolution no matter how big or small, while keeping you logo looking razor sharp.

Client Example:

 A client of ours decided to change their company name and get a new brand developed for their business. Our task was to come up with several unique logo designs that may work for their brand. Based on our analysis of the type of products and services being sold we came up with relevant concepts, while having some that were not exactly in the same category but will serve as a tool to guide our thinking. Please see the concepts below.



In the end the client ended up picking our top pick giving the client confidence that we really took the time to understand their business. What followed was a complete website overhaul with a custom design and a custom Image Management Software. 

Our quality is top notch, and our prices are reasonable. Please use the button below to schedule a Phone Meeting to discuss your goals and ideas, with no obligation.

With a solid background in marketing, and specialized skills in web development, choose SayahNET as your technology and marketing partner for your company.

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